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Armand Colson

Armand Colson is the managing partner of Colson, Sawyer & Associates, LLC, an Alternative Dispute Resolution and Business Consulting firm. His area of expertise is marine insurance coverage, cargo claims (COGSA) adjustments, and the investigation and settlement negotiation of passenger & crew injuries occurring on cruise ships and commercial vessels including Jones Act and unseaworthiness matters.

Professional Information:

He is an arbitrator and mediator serving on the panels of The Miami Maritime Arbitration Council and Florida Mediation Group; and the author of "Arbitration, Mediation or Litigation - Alternative Dispute Resolution & Conflict Resolution in Business and Community."

Prior to forming Colson, Sawyer & Associates, LLC in 1992, he served as the Maritime Claims Manager for Carnival Cruise Lines, Inc., and the International Claims Manager for the Marine Office of America Corp., the marine division of Continental Insurance Company.

He attended the United States Naval Academy, class of 1978, and attained his Senior Claims Law Associate degree from the American Educational Institute.