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David Neblett and the other attorneys associated with Miami Maritime Law litigate all types of maritime cases. They have represented a number of parties in recreational boating accidents, groundings, and reef and mangrove destruction. Mr. Neblett is an avid Scuba diver, fisherman and sailor. He has worked on a broad array of personal injury claims including cases where parties were injured or killed in boating and diving accidents. Miami Maritime Law has also worked on a number of cases dealing with vessel "Lemon Law" and transactional claims. The attorneys of Miami Maritime Law are experienced with both Jones Act and Longshoremen claims and have handled claims involving all types of seamen, from stone crab fishermen to waiters aboard cruise ships. Mr. Neblett and his associates also handle cases regarding passengers and crew that are injured aboard cruise ships, and other vessels including gambling ships, and fishing charters.

The attorneys of Miami Maritime Law have a number of Defense clients including Boat U.S. the countries leading recreational boat insurer, the Biscayne Bay Pilots Association that pilots all incoming and outgoing vessels to the port of Miami, and a number of trucking and shipping companies. These attorneys have defended cargo claims under COGSA, and have been instrumental in pre-litigation work with deviation, salvage, and avertment claims. Due to his Scuba and Marine Science experience Mr. Neblett has defended a number of scuba operators and resorts where divers and/or boaters were injured or killed.

David Neblett has also worked for and against many state and federal agencies regarding damages to natural resources and natural resource management. The State of Florida, NOAA, the Department of Justice and the various parks and recreational areas have begun to vigorously enforce damages to natural resources by both recreational boaters and commercial vessels alike. Thus, vessel groundings, sea grass and mangrove damage, and small point site pollution have become actively litigated issues that can result in fines and criminal penalties resulting in the tens of thousands of dollars. Mr. Neblett has been able to use his marine science background and alliances to mitigate damages and fines assessments to save money for those charged while at the same time protecting the environment by implementing conservation and remidiational projects that are not only more cost effective, but also have a higher documented success rate.