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David M. King

David King is an active Florida State Law Enforcement Captain with the Florida State Park Police. Prior to this assignment he was employed with the Florida Marine Patrol for approximately 17 years where he was a boating homicide investigator. He investigated numerous high profile cases in South Florida. One of these was a vessel homicide under the newly created Florida Vessel Homicide Statute. (State of Florida vs. Armando Marquez) He supervised the Gloria Estafan boating accident, which resulted in major legislation changes to the Florida Boating Laws. When he was employed by the Florida Marine Patrol it was determined by his chain of command that it was a conflict of interest to act as an expert witness. Now that he is employed by the Florida State Park Police it is no longer a conflict of interest to act as an expert witness in these cases. He is also available to look into any Marine Patrol or any criminal cases that you may have.

Mr. King is a certified instructor in the following areas:

  • DWI / DUI Instructor
  • Driving Instructor
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Human Diversity Instructor
  • Verbal Judo Instructor 6. Internal Affairs Trained

Full Resume and References upon request.