Thank you for visiting Perry & Neblett P.A.
Thank you for visiting Perry & Neblett P.A.

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Call or write today for a Free Colsultation - 1-800-321-7105 is a resource site for all those that enjoy and do business upon the ocean and inland water ways This site strives to provide maritime businesses, mariners, and attorneys with legal information and general advice. The main goal of is to help those in need understand these complex maritime topics, and to provide a starting point to find the particular maritime professional that might be needed.

Please be advised that only very general information is listed on this website. David A. Neblett and the many professionals associated with have compiled a vast library of legal documents, pleadings and the like for a wide range of maritime and environmental issues. If you are interested in getting more specific information or legal documents please do not hesitate to contact us.

The resources listed below are very informative, however, laws vary from state to state and country to country. Only a specialized professional or attorney can provide you with specific advice that you should rely on. This site is by no means a substitute for an attorney's, or maritime specialist's advice about your individual case.

Update - David Avellar Neblett is working on behalf vessel owners regarding the Sunny Marina catastrophe and outrageous “extraction” charges. Click here for more information and to contact Mr. Neblett if you or someone you know had a vessel at Sunny Marina or lost a vessel in the recent hurricanes.