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Scott Vincent Smith

Scott V. Smith, Vice President, has over 20 years experience in the recreational marine industry.

Scott was Production Manager for Magnum Marine. At Magnum, he managed the product development cycle for 44’ to 50’ boats, from plug to finished product. He also managed the design and build-out of the 60’ plugs and molds.

Scott was part of the Cigarette Racing Team for 14 years. At Cigarette, he managed Sales, Customer Service & Warranty. He designed, developed and wrote owners manuals for all models. Scott instructed owners and delivered boats throughout the world. He also led a United States Customs Offshore Safety boat course and piloted many boats for numerous articles, television shows as well as movies. He developed the quality control checklist, was responsible for all quality control sign-off and tested over 1,000 boats.

Prior to Cigarette, he worked for Newport Is Sports, where he developed a high performance safety course with Franz Kneissl, the Olympic downhill racer and owner of "Kneissl" sporting equipment and trained over 100 US Navy students and boat owners. In addition, Scott assisted in the development and rigging of numerous race boats for Mr. Kneissl and the "Putt Putt" race team.

Scott grew up in the marine industry as his father was Chairman of the Offshore Commission of the America Powerboat Association for many years. Scott has won two world champion racing titles – 1988 and 1998.

Full Resume and References upon request.