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Miami Maritime Law is a resource website and group of experts containing Florida’s best Lawyers, Maritime and Marine Documentation & Registration Consultants and Marine Surveyors that are devoted to representing vessel owners, passengers and seamen harmed at sea and under Admiralty jurisdiction. Miami Maritime Law is a growing network of top professionals including Florida’s best and most influential Admiralty Attorneys that aggressively represent clients throughout Florida and around the world.

David Avellar Neblett, Esq., B.S.C. a founding partner of Perry & Neblett P.A., is Board Certified in Maritime & Admiralty law and set up this resource website and group almost twenty years ago. Perry & Neblett P.A., is a full service admiralty and insurance dispute law firm with Florida Bar Board Certified attorneys that offers litigation and transactional expertise to its clients in both complex and routine legal matters including, but not limited to, insurance claims, denials and bad faith, cruise ship passenger injury cases, commercial maritime matters, salvage, hurricane and storm damage claims, boat sinking and warranty claims, Jones Act, seamen injuries, crew claims, yacht finance and transactions, offshore corporate formation, recreational and commercial boating issues and all types of insurance disputes.

Perry & Neblett P.A., is attuned to the needs of all types of clients and its Florida Bar Board Certified attorneys have experience representing a wide range of clients from vessel owners to yacht brokers, ship builders and yards. There are very specialized laws and limitations which pertain to insurance disputes and maritime claims. Sorting out and asserting the applicable law is a very precise specialty in this very active venue. Thus, whether you are an individual or business owner involved with an insurance dispute, claim denial or underpayment or a boat owner who has issues with his or her yacht, the attorneys of Perry & Neblett have the experience and know how to protect and assert the proper defense or remedy as each case may require.

As the State of Florida is almost completely surrounded by water, it is not difficult to understand how the Law of the Sea collides with all types of litigation in Florida. Florida has more recreational boats and yachts registered than the other 50 states combined, and its seaports account for the largest tonnage of cargo and have more cruise ship passengers than any other state. Thus, whether you are a cruise ship passenger injured by the unseaworthy condition of the vessel, a recreational boat owner injured when another vessel’s captain is boating under the influence, or a vessel owner who is being sued by a seamen for injuries under the Jones Act, Florida’s courts and the experts and attorneys of Miami Maritime Law have experience litigating these claims.

There are very specialized laws and limitations which pertain to Admiralty and Maritime transactions and casualties, thus sorting out and asserting the applicable law is a very precise specialty in this very active venue. The attorneys and experts of Miami Maritime Law have the experience and know how to properly represent your interests and assert the proper remedy or defense as each case may require.

Perry & Neblett, P.A. is committed to providing excellence in its legal representation of clients as a full service law firm with Board Certified Lawyers who specialize in Maritime & Admiralty law, Art & Luxury law and Insurance Coverage and Disputes. Perry & Neblett offers litigation and transactional expertise to its clients in both complex and routine legal matters including, but not limited to, business advice and formation, yacht purchase and sales, captain and crew contracts and related issues, commercial maritime matters, yacht finance and transactions, offshore corporate formation, purchase and sale of art, watches, aircraft and luxury goods, warranty issues, forgeries, authenticity disputes, artist and gallery representation, claims and denials, marine claims, and vessel disputes, collisions and allisions, personal injury and wrongful death, shipbroking and chartering, recreational boating issues, limitations of liability, products liability, insurance coverage, salvage, vessel acquisition, registration and documentation.

Perry & Neblett also assists clients with insurance coverage policy reviews, procuring coverage for complicated and/or valuable risks, vessels and art as well as disputes and litigation, bad faith, recovery for hurricane damages, theft, fire, water damage, forgeries, and misrepresentations, compliance with insurance and post loss requirements, appraisals, appraisals, and proper claims handling for commercial, marine, and residential losses.

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What Do Our Clients Say?

I want to express my appreciation for your hard work, your persistence, and fine sense of humor.
Diana Castillo
First and foremost, Thank you, I am pleased and satisfied with the nice job you have done on my case. Your law firm/staff was very responsive to my case and kept me well informed throughout the case.
Julie Aguilar (Julie Aguilar)
Although settling the case was a trying experience, you and your team made the process much easier to navigate and understand. There were many complexities, yet you were able to explain them to us in a way that made sense and helped us to make intelligent decisions. The ability to communicate via email with Terry was also a big plus. Your knowledge of the law and ability to translate the nuances were invaluable. We are deeply appreciative of your efforts and glad we were able to have a positive outcome.
Lisa and Britt Rosen
Dear David, When your name comes up in conversation, Mr. McKay always reminds me that you were his best co-counsel in 30 or 40 years of practice. I know when we needed you, you didn’t let us down. Thanks, again, my friend.
George Angell
Dear Sir, Just a note to say “Thank You!” It was a big surprize to recieve the Pantera refund check. Your honesty -honelstly was appreciated!
Karen Cumming
Dear David, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in settling this case. Everyone in your office was very friendly to me when I was down there and their kindness is very much appreciated. I know at times I must have seemed very persistent regarding my case, but it was getting to be very bothersome and drawn out and getting it over with was my number 1 concern. Thank you for all your help in settling this case. Please feel free to call me regarding any last minute concerns.
Heather Gallagher
Dear David: Thank you so much for a job well done. I appreciate all the time and talent you spent to make this happen. May God Bless you with a wonderful future as an attorney.
Henrietta Cross
Dear Attorneys: Thank you for firm’s contribution to the Maritime Law Society’s GOTTA REGATTA . The 15th Annual Regatta was a success. With your firm’s support, the Maritime Law Society was able to contribute $2,750 to Shake-A-~Leg Miami. Contributions like ours help the Foundation outfit its sailboats and purchase equipment to ensure the safety and security of the program’s participants. The Maritime Law Society is currently planning GOTTA REGATTA 2005, and will provide your firm with more information as soon as it becomes available. Once again, thank you for your contribution. We hope you will be able to take part in next year’s regatta.
Kristopher Pearson
Anthony and I just wanted to once more thank you for all your help. It was nice to finally meet you and have the opportunity to talk to you in person. We are happy everything went smoothly and that we were able to settle this matter while we were in Florida. I have passed your business card along to my bosses so they can recommend you if any of our clients have the need for a maritime attorney. I will also give my girlfriend (who is a travel agent) your card in case any of her clients have a problem with one of the cruise lines. We look forward to receiving any paperwork we need to sign and hope that this process moves along as timely and smoothly as the mediation.
I just wanted to take a moment to say, "THANK YOU." I have received the settlement check and couldn't be happier that you have alas concluded this exhausting process. I sincerely appreciate the "stepped-up" efforts of Mr. Carlos Delgado and every ounce of persistency that he applied to bring this case to a rapid close. Mr. David Neblett, once again, "thank you" for your willingness to take on something that was out of sheer courtesy. I'm so grateful for all your help and wish you all the absolute very best!! Have a Wonderful Day!
Shanda Franklin
How do you ever thank someone like you My god thank you. I will keep in touch. And pass on you're incredible services !! I'm in tears because for every bad moment I meet someone amazing. Thank you more over for even sitting with me and considering my case. I wish I can do something special for you. Maybe I'll see you out on the water. But don't sink my boat with one of your yachts big wakes. 🙂 You re truly awesome!!!!!


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